Sunday, May 25, 2008

Business Walet group meranti.

Effort Ranch of Walet group meranti nowadays start view result of seething with excitement. From 3 building residing in Balikpapan Permai location, Manggar from other side Embarkation Hajj and Flamboyant kampung Damai altogether go into commission walet den product.

Sarana Teluk Somber Port

Group Meranti is executing development port of somber location broadly land;ground 1 Hectare and execution progress have reached 50%. Development Port of Somber later will undermanagement Sarana Teluk Somber .

Blog meranti group english version

Version inggris Ianguage Blog property of group meranti or more knowledgeable mpi made relationship to residing in outside Indonesia earn more familiar with konten which is diposting.

Meranti Group

Meranti Group Respect is peripatetic Company in Service Construction sector specially in Contractor area and Common Commerce. In this time our Company have owned Big kualifikasi ( Gred 6) which shading under Gapeksindo Balikpapan construction service organization.
Since standing in the year 1981, under leadership Mr. H. Sappe Company continue to grow and round into company owning big enough asset. Have its office in Picturesque Road;Street Komp.Balikpapan with building with floor 3 , Picturesque Meranti Respect to become one of the Contractor Balikpapan which enough succeed.